Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas is coming!!!

Ya Christmas time is coming. The time where family's and friends get together to spend the day being happy and warm exchanging gifts in a brightly lit warm room laughing and sharing some heck of a good time. I just don't like Christmas because of that but also because of seeing the Christmas hype. Everyone is running around shopping. Christmas malls are jam packed and there are traffic jams on the street. You hear a change in the music with Christmas bells ringing all around you and Christmas music playing on the radio. It is one part of the year that I really like because it just makes you feel really good about yourself that you have the chance to give to friends and share some good times with everyone. Who could forget the Christmas dinner with the nice oh so beautiful turkey as well. Oh Christmas time is a time when I like to eat as much as I can. I am all right with the snow but it is also nice to sit around a nice fire and not have to worry about the cold. I hope that everyone has a very merry Christmas this year.

Winter is here!!!!!!!!

Winter has now struck us with the blanket of the white stuff. In the last couple of days there has been snow falling on the prairies in Canada. I would like to share some common sense tips on how to be a better winter driver. First a good thing to do is to slow down after a snowfall because there is guaranteed to be some fresh ice under all that snow. Leave more time for yourself to get to your job, because of the icy conditions you will have to travel more slowly and if you find yourself almost late for your job you may be trying to speed increasing your chances of an accident. Remember why try to save a minute when that minute you saved could be your last. Plus you will use up extra time arranging to have your vehicle towed and making arrangements to get repairs. Invest in some winter tires, why not if you do a lot of winter driving. It could save your life.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lots of cars crashing into buildings lately.

I think that it is really to bad that there have been a lot of vehicles ending up in buildings lately. Like I mean it is a very seldom thing but with me watching the news every night it seems that I have been seeing reports of a vehicle in a building at least every 2-3 weeks. Now those are the reported cases. Most of the cases are all over North America and not all of them make it to the national news. So I would say that there is at least a vehicle a day that crashes into a building in Canada, whether it be minor or sever damage costing thousands of dollars in damage. My advice to driver's would be to really focus on what you are doing especially when you are driving in a neighborhood of houses and businesses. Slow down and make sure you practice using the brake and gas pedals right so you do not have to worry about your self panicking if you loose control.

Rhianna speaks out for first time.

Hip Hop singer Rhianna has spoken to the media for the first time since she was beaten by her ex boyfriend Chris Brown. Rhianna said she was extremely deeply in love with brown and thought she was doing really well with him and did not see it coming. She said in a video on You Tube that she felt really stupid and almost selfish to have really gotten that deeply in love with him. Rhianna had to show up in court and testify against Brown. She says that she hopes it never happens again to herself or any girl in a relationship.

Pan Am Games coming to Toronto. 2015

I watched the news yesterday and found out that Toronto won the right to host the 2015 Pan American Games. It is a nice thing for them because I remember back in 2003 when they bid to host the 2008 summer Olympics but instead Beijing got them instead. The games will cost Toronto 1.4 Billion to host plus they have to pay another 1 Billion to build the athletes villiage. Some people think the money could be spent much better like such as trying to get people back on track after this financial crisis. I think in the end it will pay off because the attention will once again be on Canada after the 2010 winter Olympics. The athletes village will then become apartment complexs and the tourists will give money to the Toronto economy. I cannot wait for this event to happen.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I like my job!!

I like my new job working as a DSW. That stands for direct service worker. What I do is I work for family services. All I do is talk to my client make his supper for him and watch tv. I also clean his house but it is extremely easy. It is way better than working at Burger King because it is not a real hot kitchen and you are not working extremely hard and you get paid way more than at Burger King. Any one who is looking for a fun new challenge should apply to a job like this at their local provincial building. It's extremely fun!!!

3 holes in one

Could you imagine getting a hole in one?? Now imagine 3 holes in one on 5 rounds. Yes you heard right. Adam Sams on a golf course in Nova Scotia got 3 aces. The chances of this happening are almost 1 to 3 Billion. Holy smokes, I don't think I will be able to get one in my life time. Watch out Tiger Woods looks like you have a tough competitor.